Low Impact Activities While Pregnant

Pregnant women can seem vulnerable and sensitive within the first trimester of pregnancy. But for active women, being pregnant will never stop them from doing some outdoor activities. It is even more excruciating for them to just sit down the entire day and do nothing.

Are you pregnant and trying to find an activity to keep you active, healthy and safe at the same time? Then low a low impact sport, such as walking or paddle boarding might be the answer to that. Both are considered a safe activity for pregnant women.

All About Pregnancy and Paddle Boarding

Of course, paddle boarding instructions may be quite different for pregnant women. Because of the level of sensitivity, a good instructor should be there to guide and assist you. Although the sport is also guaranteed safe, you still need to think of your safety.

First is the intensity of doing it. Definitely, you don’t have to push yourself too hard when paddling. You have to paddle with ease and in a more relax position. Since your pregnancy will limit you in doing the usual paddling technique, it is necessary to modify your techniques, making it a lot easier for you to perform.

Commonly, stand-up paddleboards are the best one to use. When performing the stand-up paddling, proper posture is needed. Avoid bending forward too much, for it may stress out your abdominal muscles. And that is definitely a no-no for a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy and Health

Get More Clients?During the pregnancy period, every womans priority is to maintain good health, not only for herself but for the baby. In which it is important that you visit a physician before you decide to go for paddle boarding. Once you get a go signal from a health professional that you are safe to do some physical activities, like paddling, that’s the only time that you should go for it.

There are many health and overall pregnancy benefits that paddle boarding can provide. One is to improve your posture, thus, it helps to reduce backaches. It also increases the amount of oxygen in your body, as any workout and exercise do. That would also keep you away from feeling tired and sleepy in which would weaken your body.

Keeping yourself active can help you beat fatigue and stress in the entire stages of pregnancy. It is something that every pregnant woman should think about. If you want to keep your active lifestyle even if you’re pregnant, then don’t stop yourself from doing it. It is just a matter of having the guts and drives to do it.

In Conclusion

Not all women are the same when it comes to activeness and lifestyle. Thus, paddle boarding might be safe for pregnant women, but definitely not for all. That’s why you need to schedule an appointment with a physician before you decide to go for it.

Give it a try, and you’ll see how this sport will help you live a pregnant life in a more relaxed and stressful way.

Foam Roller Exercises When Pregnant

Pregnant women often experience lower back pain. You can probably blame your growing uterus but hormones are also contributory to this. As your center of gravity shifts, your abdominal muscles also weakens causing your posture to shift and straining your lower back. The pain can exacerbate when a nerve is pressed by your expanding uterus. Added to that, the ever increasing weight means added work to your muscles and more stress to your joint.

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Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause the joints in the pelvis and the ligaments that attaches it to loosen. This will decrease your sense of stability when walking, standing or even just sitting for extended periods. At the end of the day, your lower will really hurt.

This is not an isolated event. According to studies, as many as one third of pregnant women experience lower back pain at some points of their pregnancy. This often occurs on the later part when the weight of the baby is almost unbearable. It may even worsen when the baby arrives but postpartum pack pain usually ceases in a few months.

Foam Roller Exercises to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Keeping an active lifestyle while pregnant can greatly reduce fatigue and pain. Foam rolling while pregnant can reduce the lower back pain that you experience. This simple release exercises can help loosen the tension in your hips and lower back. Always remember though, it’s not intended to tighten your belly and if ever it hurts, don’t do it! There will be time for that after your baby arrives and you are strong enough for a heavy workout. You can incorporate these exercises with your pregnancy workout routines along with some low impact activities and ideally, this is done as a cool down method. Keep in mind that pregnant women are especially vulnerable on the first trimester so discuss it with your doctor first before venturing. For a video instruction on how it’s done, click here or please watch the short informative video below.

Before you decide on purchasing one, make sure to consult some foam roller reviews. This will greatly reduce the buying confusion considering that there are a lot of brands competing for your attention in the market today. Keep in mind that not all women are the same in terms of the level of activity that they can handle. Always be mindful of your uniqueness and listen to your body as you do some activities.