Getting Your House Ready Now That You’re Pregnant

Now that you have gotten over the hump of not getting pregnant, you have the next 30 plus weeks to start getting ready for your bundle of happiness. While picking out nursery colors and cute onesies, don’t forget that you also will need to make your home safe. Don’t wait until they are already mobile, before thinking about baby safety. The more you get done now, the more time you will have later to spend with your little angel, and catch up on sleep.

Bath Time

For an infant, you are going to want a shallow baby tub to give baths in. Trying to manage a slippery infant in a full sized tub is like trying to juggle. If you don’t want to invest in a tub, use your kitchen sink. Having the baby at arm level will make bath time easier.

As they get bigger you will need to outfit your bathroom with non-slip mats for the floor and tub. Also install a toilet lock to keep out curious toddlers.

The Nursery

The crib is one of the first considerations when getting ready for baby’s arrival. Make sure yours meets the slat standards and does not have a drop down option on one side. These are big safety concerns, even for small babies. Also get rid of all that cute bedding and stuffed animals from inside as they pose a suffocation hazard.

Forget about those little plastic covers for the outlets. Toddlers are adept at pulling them off, giving you a choking hazard on top of the electrocution hazard. Sliding covers are the better choice for these potential hazards.

Your Pet

Pets, especially dogs, do not have a place close to babies despite what the cute photos may be telling you. While you will want them to get to know each other eventually, this should be an acquaintance that starts slow and when the baby is a little bigger. In the meantime, start getting your pet used to spending more time outdoors.

dog-and-baby 1

You can do this without putting your pet at risk by installing a wireless pet containment system – PetSafe is our recommendation, thanks to The top choice is the Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment SystemThese work great at keeping your dog on your property without ruining the look of the front of your house. Your dog will have the freedom of your entire yard, while your baby is safely inside of the home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most hazardous points inside of your house for a growing toddler. Get rid of hanging tablecloths and install locks on any cabinet that contains hazardous items. When cooking it is always handles to the inside and pay extra close attention when carrying hot pots to the sink or counter top.

You and your significant other have worked long to get to this point. Yet the hard part is still to come. Start making your home safe for baby now, so that you have as much time as possible to spend with your little miracle.